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Trine University uses 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect accounts and resources. This document provides instructions for enrolling your smartphone or tablet in Duo and contains some additional information you should know before enrolling.

What to know before you enroll:

If you have Trine email on your phone or tablet, delete the account from the device before enrolling in Duo. Once you are enrolled, re-add the account and approve the Duo request. After the account is re-added, you will be able to check your mail exactly the same way as before. The Duo approval must be approved once while setting up the account initially.

  • Android devices: Your email will not work in the native mail app on Android. You will need to install the Microsoft Outlook app if you wish to setup your email on your phone after enrolling in Duo.
  • Apple devices: Your email will work on the native mail app or Microsoft Outlook app on iPhones and iPads, but it must be iOS10 or newer.
After enrolling in Duo, these are the applications that are protected by 2FA
  • MyPortal
  • Microsoft Office 365 email (web version only)
  • Moodle
  • GlobalProtect VPN
  • SchoolDude (maintenance requests for Campus Operations)
  • Slate
  • StarRez - Housing
  • Zoom
  • Maxient - Judicial
  • Presence

How to start the enrollment process:

If you have received an enrollment date, you don't have to do anything. The enrollment process will occur automatically on your designated date. If you would like to enroll early, please send an email from your Trine email account to You will receive a response email within the following 24 hours that will walk you through the enrollment process.

Enrollment Process:

The following steps can only be properly completed after you have received your enrollment email from the IT Help Desk.

  1. Install the free Duo app on your mobile device from the app store. Look for the app with this logo:  
  2. From a desktop or laptop computer, go to myPortal or your Trine email (the web version).
  3. You should be prompted by the following screen to start your Duo enrollment. Click Start Setup

  4. Choose which type of device you are enrolling - Mobile phone or Tablet. Click Continue.

  5. Enter your phone number (If you are enrolling a tablet, this step will be skipped automatically). Click the checkbox to verify it's the correct number and click Continue.

  6. Choose why type of phone you are using and press Continue.

  7. Click "I have Duo Mobile installed"

  8. Open the Duo mobile app on your phone, tap the + and scan the QR code on the screen. Press Continue.

  9. On the final screen, drop down the box and choose Ask me to choose an authentication method

  10.  For fastest authentication, select Send me a push. You can also select Call me and receive a phone call from Duo to Authenticate. The Duo App also provides a 6-digit code that you can enter using the Enter a Passcode option. If you check the box, Remember me for 24 hours, you will only have to authenticate with Duo once every 24 hours using your computer and internet browser. If you use a different internet browser or access a 2FA protected resource on a different device you will need to re-authenticate using Duo. 

Note: Make sure you have notifications enabled on your phone or tablet to allow the pop up notifications when authentication requests are sent from Duo.

Need additional help? Contact Information Technology Services at 260-665-4275 or 

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