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Trine University Google Assistant Guide


Setup your Google Home:

  1. Unbox your Google Home and plug it in.
  2. Setup your Google Home following the iOS or Android setup video below

  3. iOS Setup Instructions:


    Android Setup Instructions:

  4. This is the format for asking Trine’s assistant: “Ok Google, ask Trine Storm…”
  5. Test it with, “Ok Google, ask Trine Storm for a fun fact.”


● Ok Google, ask Trine Storm what time is the Cafe open for dinner tonight?

● Ok Google, ask Trine Storm when is open skate night at the Thunder Ice Arena?

● Ok Google, ask Trine Storm who is Trine’s president?

● Ok Google, ask Trine Storm to ask magic 8-ball will I pass all my classes this semester?


Direct any feedback to the anonymous, one question form found here

Current Capabilities:

For the full list of current and upcoming features for Trine’s Google Assistant, visit here


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