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What is Duo?

In order to provide more security for students, faculty, staff, and alumni, Trine is requiring Duo Two-Factor Authentication for all Trine resources.

What is Duo Two-Factor Authentication? 

Duo is a security solution that gives you a second layer of protection by confirming that you’re really who you say you are before you can access your account. With Duo’s two-factor authentication, even if someone knows your password, unless they have your device – mobile phone, Apple watch, etc. – Duo stops them in their tracks.

How does it work?

Think about getting into your bank account. You need two forms of authentication – your card (something you have) and your pin (something you know). That’s how Duo works too. It combines something you know, your password, with something you have, your phone. Here is a quick video that shows how Duo works.

Will Duo drain my data plan?

Each Duo Push uses less than 2 KB per authentication. You would need to authentication 500 times in one month to use 1 MB of data, which is roughly equal to loading one web page on your smart phone. Using Duo will have an overall negligible effect on your data plan. 

How will this effect my ability to access Trine resources?

After you enter your Trine User ID and password, you will see the following screen. Select “Send Me a Push”.


 You will then receive a notification on your phone to approve. After you approve it, you will automatically be logged in. Make sure you check the "Remember me for 1 day" box (shown above), so you only have to authenticate once every 24 hours per device.

What resources are impacted by Duo?

Moodle, myPortal, and your email on the web are all protected by Duo. 

I have my Trine email setup on my phone/tablet/PC. How will Duo impact my access on that device?

Right after you enroll in Duo, remove and re-add your email account on all your devices. You will need to approve the Duo push only ONCE per device. After the initial Push is approved, your email will work just as it did before. No need to authentication more than once.

Android device users, you will need to install the Outlook app. Android's native mail app does not have strong enough security measures to continue using it with Duo.

iOS device users, you can use the either the Outlook app or the native mail app.

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