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Add a new Duo device

This article will explain how to add a new phone (or any additional device) as an option to receive Duo authentication requests.

Add a new device

1) Go to the login page for Moodle, myPortal, or Outlook Web App.

2)  Login

***If you have Duo setup to automatically send you a push, press "Cancel" to stop the request so you can get to the screen in step 3***

3) Press the Settings button

4) Add a new device

5) You will need to approve the Duo authentication sent to your current device.

6) Choose what type of device you will be adding

7) Enter your phone number and check the box to verify that phone number is correct

***If you are adding a different device like a tablet, it will skip forward to step 9***

8) Specify the type of phone

9) Install Duo mobile on your device and choose "I have Duo Mobile"

10) Scan the QR code with your phone after opening the Duo mobile app

11) After the QR code shows the green check and has successfully added the new device to your Duo profile, you will see the screen below.

This screen allows you to change the name of any devices, change how Duo sends push notifications, and which is your default device. 

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