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1 - SSO & DUO Information

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

All of the systems here at Trine use the same username and password. This is referred to as "Single-Sign-On." 

Your credentials will allow you to login to many things. The programs listed on the graphic below are all a part of the Single-Sign-On system:

DUO Two-Factor Authentication

There are many accounts that are associated with the same login credentials. In order to protect both Trine and your personal data, we require two-factor authentication. We do this through a program called "DUO." In sum, we require an additional step of identity verification before you are able to access your accounts. We just want to make sure that you are really you as many cybersecurity threats exist.

To verify/authenticate your account, you have a few different options: 

1. You can verify your identity by a Push (an approval button that is sent to your phone via a mobile app)

2. You can verify your identity by a Call

3. Or, you can verify your identity by entering a requested one-time Passcode

Below is a visual example of the process:

Before moving forward, you will need to enroll.

Now that you are enrolled and have an idea of how DUO works, please select your phone brand below for more specific information:

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