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Duo Instant Restore (iOS devices only)

If you have purchased and activated a new Apple device, this article will instruct you on what to do to activate the new phone with access to all Duo apps without any interaction needed from the IT department.

Setup Instant Restore in 3 Easy Steps

1) Double-check that you have iCloud Keychain enabled on your old phone.

2) Backup your old phone.

3) Restore the backup to your new device.

When you get your new device, setup it up with an iCloud backup, iTunes backup, or Direct Data Transfer. Make sure you've logged into your AppleID on your new phone, have iCloud Keychain enabled, and that your keychain has synced with your new device. The first time you open Duo mobile, you will be presented with the option to get your accounts back. Hit "Get Started" and everything will be connected automatically.

The Instant Restore currently is only available for Apple devices. Duo is working on providing the capability for Android phones and as soon as that option is available, these instructions will be updated.

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