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How to Record Zoom Meetings

     How to Record Meetings

Once you launch a Zoom meeting, you have the option to record. You can start recording from both the main interface as well as while screen sharing.

1. Prior to screen sharing, if you would like to record, select the Record icon on the toolbar (followed by Record to the Cloud):

2. Alternatively, if you have already begun sharing your screen, select Record to the Cloud within the More drop-down menu:

3. You will know that you are recording once you see a recording indicator in the top left-hand corner of your Zoom room:

4. Once you end your meeting, return to Zoom in your web browser. Then, select the Recordings tab:

5. Within the recordings menu, you can see your Zoom recordings processing:

6. You will receive an email notification when the recording is ready for viewing.

7. Their email notification will provide a link to the recording as well as a password protected link that you can share with others for viewing:

8. In case you lose the email notification, you can retrieve your video from the recordings section on Zoom's website:

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