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How to Access Grades/Gradebook

Student & Instructor

To access the gradebook, you can do the following:

1. Navigate to the left-hand pane and select Grades:

If you do not see the left-hand menu, use the sandwich toggle button identified in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

If you are a student, selecting Grades will take you to where you can view your current grades.

Instructor Only

If you are an instructor, you will have more options after selecting Grades. As an instructor, you will be directed to a Grader report page where you have a brief overview of grade items and participants. Towards the top and centered within the page you will see a drop-down menu consisting of different gradebook editing options:

There are many options within this page, but below you will find some brief highlights of popular areas:

1. Grader report = Brief overview page of grade items and participants.

2. Single view = A gradebook view that allows you to view either all submissions for a single assignment or all assignments for a single student.
3. User report = This area allows you to view the gradebook as if you were a specific student. You can also use this report to view the gradebook as all of your students simultaneously in a singular scroll.
4. Gradebook setup = Where most of the gradebook configuration and organization occurs
5. Course grade settings = The area where you can configure specifics of your grade book (i.e. display type - do you want it to be a percentage, letter, real numbers along with many other items for how grades are communicated to your students).
6. Letters - View & Edit = This is where you can specify letter grade ranges (only applicable if you choose to display letter grade to students, but maybe handy if you use a specific scale differing from the general university scale).

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