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How to Make a Grade Item Extra Credit

To create extra credit items within Moodle, you must be using one of the following Gradebook aggregation methods:

1. Natural

2. Simple weighted mean of grades
3. Mean of grades (with extra credits)

If you already have one of these aggregation methods in place, you can continue to the next steps:

1. Navigate to your gradebook via the Grades tab:

2. From the drop-down menu, select Gradebook setup:

3. Next, find the Grade item that you wish to make extra credit:

4. Find the Edit drop-down button inline with the desired grade item. Open that menu and select Edit settings:

5. Underneath the Parent category section, mark the checkbox labeled as Extra credit:

6. Lastly, Save changes:

You will then see the extra credit symbol next to the grade item within the gradebook setup page:

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