How to Download a Kaltura Video

In order to download a Kaltura video, you must be the owner of the video. The most frequent reasons for downloading videos are to either edit them or upload them into YouTube or similar service.

Please follow the instructions below to download your video.

1. Log in to Moodle
2. Navigate to the MyMedia repository in the bottom left-hand corner of Moodle (within the navigation pane on the left):

3. If you do not see this area, you will want to toggle on the sandwich button in the top left-hand corner of Moodle as this will open the navigation pane:

4. Once you select MyMedia, navigate to the video that you would like to download:

5. Select the edit pencil button to the right of the video:

6. Once you are in the edit menu, select the Downloads tab:

7. Underneath downloads, select the video that says Source File, followed by Save:

8. After saving, select Go To Media:

9. Next, select the Download tab:

10. Under the download tab, click the download icon underneath the Actions column:

11. Depending on your browser you may receive some sort of pop-up notification, but regardless you will be able to find the file in your Downloads folder:

12. Once you have the downloaded .mp4 file, you are free to upload it into YouTube or similar service or a video-editing software of your choice.

Kaltura allows you to record both your webcam and your screen simultaneously. This method will only allow you to download your screen recording and audio narration. If you would like the webcam recording as well, you will need to dig deeper into your Kaltura recordings to find the other videos.

If you would like to find both your screen and webcam recording, you will want to navigate to this file path within your File Explorer:

C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Kaltura\Capture\Recordings and then find your recording within that menu.

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