How to Record Using Kaltura Capture - User Interface

Once you have Kaltura installed and launched from within the MyMedia repository, the actual process of recording feels fairly intuitive. A labeled legend is provided below:

1. The red button is the begin recording button. Once you press this, you will be provided with a three-second countdown before the recording actually begins. Once recording starts, the red circle record button will turn into a square and it becomes your stop recording function.

2. This is your screen recording settings. If the item is lit up with a color, then it is going to be recorded. If you do not wish to record your screen, click the Screen icon until a slash appears through it.

3. This is your camera recording settings. This icon represents your webcam recording. It functions exactly the same as the screen icon, but as it relates to your webcam.

4. This is your audio recording settings. This icon represents your webcam recording. It functions exactly the same as the screen and camera icons, but as it relates to your webcam.

5. If you wish to preview your screen, camera, or audio before recording, select the carrot up arrow to the right of the word screen, camera, or audio. This will display a window that will allow you to preview the recorded fields before you actually record. If you have multiple devices to choose from (two screens, microphones, or webcams), the preview window will allow you to choose which device you would like to use. Please note, there is no way to preview your recordings while recording.

6. The manage button allows you to choose more advanced settings for Kaltura (i.e. resolution and quality, if you would like the recording toolbar to hide while recording, etc.)

Here is an explanation of Kaltura while it is recording:

1. Allows you to stop recording. If you wish to stop recording altogether, you will be prompted to confirm this decision.

2. This allows you to pause while recording.

3. This displays your current runtime (length you have been recording for).

4. If you click the microphone icon, you can choose to mute and unmute yourself.

5. This icon brings up options to incorporate annotation and whiteboard features that you can use while screen recording.

For any unanswered questions about Kaltura, feel free to reach out to Trine University's IT Services.

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