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Collaborating with Kaltura

1. Login to Moodle

2. Navigate to your MyMedia repository:

3. Find a video that you would like to share with a colleague:

4. Find and select the pencil icon that is aligned with the video:

5. Once you select the pencil icon, you will be directed to another page.  Select collaboration within the menu items:


 6. This will allow you the opportunity to add additional viewers/editors to this specific video. To view more options, select Add Collaborator:

7. You will then be able to search and select the collaborator that you would like to add:

8. You will then have 3 options to choose from:

Co-Editor = Able to edit the video

Co-Publisher = Able to publish the video in different channels; not able to edit.

Co-Viewer = Able to view the video; not able to edit.

9. Once you have selected permission(s) for them, you will then press Add:

10. They will then appear as so:

11. Once the permissions have been added, this video will now be displayed in your colleagues' MyMedia repository in addition to yours.

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