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v3.10 - Visual Updates

In Moodle v3.10, there are a few visual changes:

Turn Editing On

You no longer have to select the gear icon to display the Turn Editing On button:

Instead, the button is prominently visible near the gear icon:

The Activity Chooser

The Activity Chooser menu that displays when you press Add an Activity or Resource has been completely overhauled:

The activity chooser will now feature separate tabs used to filter types of activities and resources. You also have the option to staritems to create your own quick view or you can work off of our Recommended tab. Lastly, before creating an activity, you can select the information button to receive a more detailed explanation of the activity you are considering.

Filtered Course View

In Moodle v3.8 and before, the front page featured a My Courses block which provided a potentially exhaustive list of courses that you had been assigned to. In Moodle v3.10 you will now have an expandable and collapsable filtered My Courses list organized by category:

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