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v3.10 - TurnItIn Enhancements

Assignment Integration

TurnItIn can now be integrated with the normal Moodle Assignment activity. TurnItIn will be enabled by default. Here is how the new process will work:

1. Create the Assignment
2. Within the Edit Settings menu of the assignment, configure the Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings:

3. When the student submits an Assignment, this is what they will see:

Eventually, the Turnitin status will change from 'Queued' to an individual document ID# and it will provide a % match:

4. When you are ready to grade the Assignment, you will click on the activity and then choose either View all submissions or Grade:

5. If you press Grade, you will enter the Assignment grading interface. If you press the blue pencil within their submission (this is present in the Assignment grading interface as well), you will be able to grade using the TurnItIn grading interface:

6. You can leave feedback in the Assignment grading interface or the TurnItIn grading interface, but you are unable to use both simultaneously. The feedback will only be visible in the gradebook from within the Assignment feedback section. I would suggest making a comment in the assignment feedback that reads Please open the TurnItIn for this assignment to view additional feedback (if applicable).

Forum Integration

Forums are now integrated with TurnItIn as well.

The forums work in a very similar manner. The first step is to create the forum and enable the Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings:

Once students post onto a discussion forum, they will see a TurnItIn icon in the bottom left-hand corner of their post:

This will eventually yield a matching % or originality report. You can view the originality report by clicking on the TurnItIn icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the students' post(s):

If you click the percentage match, you will be able to view the similarity report within TurnItIn; however, you are unable to publish a grade for the forum from within TurnItIn.

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