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v3.10 - Gradebook Changes

There will be a few different gradebook changes in v3.10 of Moodle.
Exclude Empty Grades

There is a setting in Moodle to 'Exclude Empty Grades' from within the gradebook. If you deactivate this setting, grades that are '-/100' or not graded yet would count against the student. Here is an example of this below:

The upgrade eliminated that setting so that empty grades will always be excluded from the gradebook. Students will have a more accurate and consistent view of their grade. Here is a sample of empty grades being excluded:

If you have a need to include the empty grades in the gradebook calculation, please reach out to IT Services.

 Quick Feedback

We now have the option to add quick feedback to the grade items when grading from within the grader report view. To grade from within the grader report menu, please do the following:

1. Navigate to the Grader report by pressing Grades:

2. Next, navigate to the top right-hand corner of this page and Turn editing on:

3. This is what the grader report used to look like when grading:

4. Quick feedback brings an additional dashed border-box that allows for quick comments:

These comments will populate in the gradebook for student viewing.

Solid border = grade point entry
Dashed border = feedback comments

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