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v3.10 - H5P Integration

What is H5P?

H5P is an authoring tool that enables faculty to create "rich interactive content"
H5P is directly integrated with Moodle. You are welcome to view information about H5P at their website, but your content curation and sharing will take place throughout Moodle.

Content Bank

Moodle v3.10 introduces the H5P content bank. The content bank stores content on the individual course-level:

1. Once you open the content bank, you can begin creating interactive content by selecting Add:

2. Once you select the content type, you will be prompted to complete the settings for the activity. Once you are finished, choose a Save option:

3. You can then view your finished product:

4. Your content will then be retrievable from within the content bank:

5. You can add the H5P content to your course by navigating to your course, opening the activity chooser menu, and selecting H5P:

6. You will then be prompted to fill out the settings for the H5P activity. You will have the option to upload a file:

7. Once the file picker opens you can select the Content bank, use the search bar to find your H5P activity by title, and then select the H5P activity:

8. Once you choose the activity, you will be greeted with a confirmation page. You have two options, Make a copy of the file or Link to the file.
Make a copy of the file = creating a new stand-alone duplicate of the H5P activity

Link to the file = this file will be updated automatically if you edit the main file from within the content bank.
9. Once your finished with this screen, choose Select this file:

Once you Save, the activity will be visible where you embedded it:

If you see the H5P icon in a toolbar, you are able to embed H5P content in the field below it:

Sharing Content
Content within the content bank should be shareable and searchable for faculty when they are adding H5P activities to their course(s). Check out the videos below for an overview of H5P and how the content bank works:

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