How to Edit Captions in Kaltura

Follow the steps below to edit Kaltura video captions:

1. Open up your Kaltura content from the MyMedia tab:

2. Navigate to the video that you would like to edit and select the edit pencil icon towards the right of the video:

3. Once you are in the edit menu, you will find a toolbar of options below the video. Select the Captions tab:

4. Once you are in the captions section, you will see a caption entry listed below. Select either the Edit Captions button or the edit pencil icon in line with this:

5. You are then free to edit the captions. When you are finished, select Save in the top right-hand corner:

6. Confirm your Save:

7. Alternatively, you can upload different captions files (if you feel they are more accurate) if your video was originally recorded with a different program (i.e. Zoom).

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