Creating Trial or Test Run Activities (Kaltura Media Assignment)

During midterms and/or finals, we often see many students that are preparing to submit either online exams or recorded presentations. Online exams utilizing the LockDown Browser feature may benefit from a test run to see if the computer hardware is compatible and to assist the students with getting acclimated to the proctoring tool.

If the student is submitting a presentation, they may benefit from a similar test run. This can be done in a couple of different ways. To learn more, please follow the steps below:


1. Kaltura Media Assignment test submissions are easy to set-up. You can do one of the following (or both):

1a. Allow for resubmissions in case students experience technical issues

1b. Duplicate the assignment and give it a descriptive name implying that it is a test instance


2. To allow for resubmissions, navigate to the Kaltura Media Assignment Edit Settings menu:

3. Under the General menu within the settings, change Allow resubmitting from No to Yes:


4. Alternatively, you could create your normal Kaltura Media Assignment and duplicate it:




5. Provide the duplicated copy with a descriptive title and move it above the real submission link:


*You will want to make sure that your test/trial activities are either for no grade or a very low grade to avoid any gradebook confusion*

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