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Panopto IT Training Schedule

PANOPTO Training Schedule

Location:  Zoom (links provided below)

Basic Training – Thurs. August 18th @ 9:45AM – 10:30AM
What is Panopto? (search, storage, sharing)
 Accessing Panopto through Moodle
 Quick tour of the course tool
 Viewer features including search, notes, variable speed playback
 How to make a recording using Panopto Capture
 Embedding Panopto videos in other areas of your course

Beyond the Basics Training – Fri. August 19th @ 11AM – 11:45AM
Review of Adding Panopto in Moodle
 Sharing Panopto folders and videos outside your class
 Opening Panopto outside of Moodle and tour of additional library options
 Using your My Folder to store draft videos
 Moving and copying videos into your course folders or other folders
 How to have students record video in Panopto
 Creating a graded assignment for student recorded video
 Editing your videos in Panopto including trimming sections out, editing captions, and adding a table of contents
 Adding quizzes to your video
 Adding a graded quiz assignment in Moodle
 Accessing video statistics within Panopto


Advanced Editing Training – Wed. September 21st @ 2PM – 3PM
Ways to access the editor
 Layout of the editor and Undo, Redo, Publish, Revert buttons
 Cutting segments out of the video
 Cutting just one source (screen capture or other video) from the video
 Adding or adjusting the Table of Contents
 Changing the name and description of your video
 Changing the default thumbnail that represents your video
 Making changes to slides
 Adding a Quiz to your video
 Adding PDFs to the video outside the editor
 Adding additional streams
 Adding clips to your videos (splicing)
 Adding YouTube videos
The Focus tool

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