Migrating from Kaltura to Panopto

Trine University is adopting a new integrated lecture capture and video storage platform. The vast majority of your data in Kaltura has already automatically moved over to Panopto; however, any direct links you have in Moodle will need to be re-created as they cannot automatically transition from Kaltura to Panopto. Here are some steps that will make it easier to re-embed your content:

Kaltura Videos to Panopto Videos

1. You should receive a spreadsheet that tells you which courses you have that are currently using embedded Kaltura content. If you have not received this, please reach out to help@trine.edu and Tyler Graham can pull a quick report for your review.

2. Once you identify a course that has Kaltura content in it, navigate to that course ***It may be best to do these steps in the course that will be copied into future Moodle courses (i.e. if you use a template, please update your template course)***
3. Find the Kaltura Video Resource in your course, verify that you would like to keep this content:

4. Navigate to your MyMedia repository to locate the video. Make note of the title of the video as this is the same title it will have in Panopto:

5. Once you have identified the course, video, and title of the Kaltura media that needs to be replaced, you will want to Turn editing on in your course.
6. Choose Add an Activity or Resource
7. Choose Panopto LTI:

8. Next, select Select content:

9. This will automatically launch Panopto's library within Moodle. If you do not see anything right away, try changing the filter to 'Everything:'

10. When looking for your video, it may help to use the search box and search by title or keywords. Once you have found your video, select the corresponding radio button followed by Insert:

11. Your video will now be embedded with Panopto!

12. Repeat this process for each video.

Kaltura Assignments to Panopto Assignments
The process for switching over Kaltura Media Assignments is much easier:

1. Open up your current Kaltura Media Assignments and record (or copy + paste) your current assignment description and other specific instructions:

2. Turn editing on in your course
3. Choose Add an Activity or Resource
4. Add a Panopto Student Submission activity:

5. Fill out the prompts (assignment description, dates, instructions, etc.)
6. Select a Save Option
7. Your Kaltura Media Assignment has now been converted to a Panopto Student Submission link!

Please feel free to reach out to the Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help:


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