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Adding Outlook to Android

With new security features and Duo 2FA at Trine University, the native Mail application for Android may not work to check the Trine E-mail service. You will have to use the Outlook email app off of the Google Play Store.

1) Download and install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store.

2) Open the app and select Get Started from the initial screen.

3) Enter your full email address in the space provided at the top. This would be your full or address. Next select continue from the bottom right of the screen. 

4) Enter your password on the next page and select the Sign In button.

5) You may get a Duo 2FA authentication prompt. Quickly and easily authenticate through Duo and you automatically advance to the next page.

6) You may be prompted to activate device administrator settings. This is a security feature that will allow Microsoft (via Trine IT Services) to remotely wipe your phone if you lose it or it is stolen. If you are prompted to enable this, you must activate it or you cannot have your Trine email on your personal device. You may also be prompted to enable a PIN or password on your device. This is another security feature you must enable if prompted.

7) You can add additional email accounts to your Outlook app by selecting Continue from the bottom right, or select Skip.

8) Your email account is now connected to the app. You can read the short tutorial or select Skip in the bottom left to go directly to your inbox.

Please start a Chat IM session or create a service ticket if you have any questions or experience any issues. 

Download link here:

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