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When I try to log into to access my email, I get an error message about Office 365. How can I fix this?

The error message reads: You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with Please click here to sign out of your Office 365 account, then use another Microsoft account to sign in to (for example, your,, or account).


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1.  Clear your cookies, browser history, and/or cache.  The process for this depends on which browser you are using.  Typically you can delete your history under a "Settings" or "Tools" menu.

2.  Go to the new Office 365 website at this link:

3.  Log in with your usual Trine email username and password. 

After you type your email address in the first field and hit the tab key, you will be redirected to a login window that will ask you to enter your full email address again and password to gain access to your Office 365 email account 

Note:  You will now be able to change your password in myPORTAL using the Password Management portlet.  

If these steps do not resolve this issue, please submit a new ticket call the Help Desk at 260-665-4275.

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