What computer should I buy?

In general, Trine University classes require a Windows or Mac OS-based device. For Angola and Fort Wayne students, Trine University labs are equipped with hardware and software required for your classes. If you do need to purchase a device, please avoid Chrome or iOS devices since they are not compatible with some required apps for classes. Please see below for minimum computer hardware recommendations. 

Did you know that Trine University employees and students can get discounts on personal Dell purchases through the Dell Member Purchase Program?

The quickest way to shop is online at www.dell.com/dellu/TrineUniversity

Member ID: US119519637

Minimum recommendations:

Operating System:                              Windows 10 64-bit (not S mode) or Mac OS 10.13 or higher

Processor:                                           i5 (or AMD equivalent) recommended

Memory (RAM):                                  8GB or more recommended

Wireless Card or Adapter:                  802.11 AC dual band required

Hard Drive:                                         128GB (Trine provides 1TB of cloud storage through Microsoft OneDrive)

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