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I would like more information about the university wireless and network

Trine University has wireless available in all academic and administrative buildings, student villas, and in common areas in the apartments and units.  If students wish to connect a computer to the network there are a number of ways to complete this.  

  • For the fastest connection, a student can bring/purchase an ethernet cable for their bedroom to connect to their personal computers (in all dorms but Reiners).  
  • Alternatively, wireless access is available in all residential buildings. Please use ThunderDevices WiFi network in the dorms, residence halls, Villas, etc. The password is Thunderstruck 
  • Thunder_Wifi - can be used with your university login information and is the most secure connection across campus.

Students should use up-to-date anti-virus software in order to access the university network and the Internet.  University recommended anti-virus software includes Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira Security programs.

Please Note: Personal wireless access points and/or routers are not allowed.

For further questions or issues about Security/Anti Virus programs please contact the Help Desk.

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