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Printing from personal devices

Method 1

Set up here





Chrome OS

As long as your device is on the Thunder_WiFi wireless network you can use this feature.

 This website provides instructions and a brief video tutorial for all devices. Just select the device that you want to enable the Mobility Printing and you will see step-by-step instructions on how to install the app or driver and start printing. 

Trine is enabling a new printing service through Papercut, Papercut Mobility Printing, that allows personal devices, phones and tablets included, to quickly print to the TrinePrintQueue and release your print job using your ID card.

Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices can use Papercut Mobility Print to print from their devices directly to our TrinePrintQueue after entering your trine username and password. 

  Method 2

• Go to

o You will be prompted to enter your Trine Username and Password 

• Select Web Print from the list on the left

• Select Submit a Job

• Enter the number of copies you require and select the button marked Upload Documents

• Upload your documents by dragging them from your file explorer to the box, or select the button Upload from Computer and navigate to the documents you require.

o When finished, select the button Upload & Complete

• You can retrieve your print job from any MFC printer that requires your card to swipe.

Method 3

• From your email, send an email, with required documents to print, to

• You will receive an email requiring you to select a link to authorize and validate the request

o The link will take you to a website, you may have to enter your Username and Password

• It will inform you that your print is available. You can print from any MFC and use your ID card to swipe and authenticate to release your print job

If you experience any issues or have questions, please contact the Help Desk

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