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How do I report a suspicious email?

Phishing email attacks are on the rise and Trine University is not immune. If you receive an email that you think is a phishing or scam email, you can quickly alert our Information Technology Services team and remove the email from your Inbox with one step.

In your Outlook 2016 or Outlooks Web Access email, you have an option called PhishAlarm. This button will remove the email from your Inbox and send it to our Information Security Office in I.T. Services. Outlook 2016 provides the button at the top ribbon. Outlook Web Access provides the button as an option within individual emails.

Outlook 2016 PhishAlarm

Outlook Web Access PhishAlarm


We hope this makes it easier to report and remove malicious emails and protect Trine users and resources. Please contact the Information Technology Services if you have any further questions. 

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