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I can't log into a web-based system on a Trine-issued device because the account I'm using is different from the account I'm trying to log in with

Recently, a change was made to allow Single Sing On (SSO) for several common applications that use our ADFS Trine login. Web email, MyPortal, Moodle, and Slate are the most common web resources that use SSO. You will still be prompted to dual-authenticate through Duo when required, but you’ll save the steps of entering your login information again. 

If you log into a Trine-issued device using one account, but need to log into web email, MyPortal, etc. using a different account this will create errors. Open Firefox and then in the upper-right side of the page select the Open Menu icon (icon with the three bars). Then open a New Private Window. You can then use your other account to access your resource.

Please create a service ticket if you are still experiencing issues and a member of IT Services will assist you. 

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