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2 - Moodle & myPortal


Moodle is Trine University's Learning Management System (LMS). 

Different departments can utilize Moodle in different capacities; however, this is predominantly used by Faculty. If you are an incoming Faculty member, you will use Moodle in a multitude of ways:

1. You will automatically be assigned your own unique "Sandbox Area." This is an empty shell that is your "playground" for experimenting with Moodle:

2. You will also be able to facilitate both online and in-person classes using Moodle.

3. Lastly, Moodle is used as a Faculty repository (master course templates, syllabi, and other miscellaneous uses).

If you are a TrineOnline Instructor, you may want to refer to the TrineOnline Resource & Orientation page.

If you are a Dual Enrollment Instructor, you may want to refer to the Dual Enrollment Resource & Orientation page.

Any and all Faculty are encouraged to refer to the Moodle Instructional Guide Center for self-help information. This is a great resource if you are in need of assistance outside of normal business hours. The instructional guide center also offers additional resources that point to YouTube and MoodleDocs.

If you would like 1:1 Moodle Training, please reach out to Trine University IT Services and the Moodle Administrator.


myPortal is universally used for managing your password and setting your challenge questions to access and reset your password if/when necessary.

There are many other uses of myPortal; however, they are subjective depending upon the department that you are in. You should expect to receive specific training regarding your role's use of myPortal.

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