Information Technology Services

4 - Security & Cyber Security

Security (On-Campus)

In regards to Security, Trine University has a Campus Safety department. Trine University has several buildings on campus that require ID Cards to be used to gain access. Once you have your Employee ID Card printed through the Campus Safety department, you will have access to those areas if necessary. 

If you need special accesses for your job, please have your Supervisor, Chair, Department Head, etc. email IT Services and we will be happy to assist.

Cyber Security

In addition to DUO (two-factor authentication) protecting your accounts, Trine University endorses a Cyber Security initiative that is composed of frequent training. Within one week of employment you will receive an email that contains a link to Cyber Strength Security Training. You will need to complete this within two weeks after receiving the email. You will receive a similar required Cyber Strength Security Training quarterly.

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