Using new Sharp Multi-Function Printer/Copiers

Trine University will start rotating our printers and multi-function copiers the week of April 27th. Most of the machine functionality is similar but has a different visual appearance. The tutorials below explain how to accomplish most of your regular tasks. Please submit a request for individual training for you and/or your department. 

Two major changes to note:

1) All toner will be automatically shipped when printers or copiers reach 20% toner remaining. There is no process for ordering toner. All toner cartridges are now universal (B&W copiers can share toner cartridges and Color copiers can share toner cartridges).  

2) Copier and Printer errors automatically dispatch a service technician. You only need to contact IT Services if your printer shows a need for cleaning (e.g. streaks showing on prints).

Computer print settings:

Waking the MFC and releasing your print jobs:

Copying and settings:

Scan to email:

Scan to network:

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