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How to Start a Zoom Meeting

There are two primary ways to host a Zoom meeting. One uses Moodle and the other is through Zoom's website.

     Using Zoom within Moodle:

1. Navigate to and log in to Moodle:

2. Navigate to the course where you would like to insert the meeting

3. Within the course, Turn editing on:

4. Once your editing is on, select Add an activity or resource near the area where you would like it to appear:

5. Towards the bottom of the activity chooser menu, select Zoom Meeting followed by Add:

6. You will then be prompted to fill in the details of the Zoom meeting. Most of the defaults are desirable unless you have something specific that you would like to do.

7. Once you are finished completing the details, choose a Save option:

8. Your Zoom meeting will then appear like so:

9. You then click on the Zoom link that you created and you will be directed to a screen that prompts you to Start Meeting. Details of the meeting will also be available below this button.

     Scheduling a Future Meeting:

1. Select Meetings from the left-hand side menu:

2. After you select Meetings, navigate towards the top right-hand corner of that screen and select Schedule a Meeting:

3. Continue through this page to specify your Meeting details:

4. Once you are finished, scroll to the bottom and select Save:

5. You will then be able to view the scheduled meeting and details such as A) date and calendar options, B) invitation link and copy options, and C) a start option:

     Hosting an Immediate Meeting:

1. Upon successful login to Zoom, select Host a Meeting towards the top-right hand corner of the page. Additionally, you'll want to select if you would like the video to be on or off:

2. Depending on your browser or settings, you may receive a prompt asking if you can open the Zoom application. You can mark your preference and select Open Zoom Meetings:

3. After a brief load screen, your Zoom meeting will appear:

4. You can then use the Participants menu to invite others to join:

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