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Moodle Community Network

"The mission of the Moodle project is to empower educators to improve our world by building the most efficient platform for teaching, learning and collaborating online."

"Share, Curate & Discuss the best Open Educational Resources" - MoodleNet

"Learn Moodle is the official Moodle website for delivering MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)."

"MoodleDocs is the documentation for Moodle, written by the Moodle community"

Mission: "is to support the growth of Moodle, the open-source online learning platform, by providing a strong and united voice to users, givign direction and resources for new developments."
- Moodle Users Association (MUA)

"This channel offers a range of Moodle videos for latest releases, online courses and how-to use the learning platform. We also collect helpful content for the benefit of the channel subscribers and our Moodle community."
- Moodle YouTube

"Plugins enable you to add additional features and functionality to Moodle, such as new activities, new quiz question types, new reports, integrations with other systems and many more." -

Connect with Moodle on Social Media:

The Moodle Tracker "is our database for recording and managing all Moodle development issues - bugs, improvements and feature requests." -

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