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Printing Moodle Assignments in Bulk

Printing Moodle assignments in bulk have a few steps:

1. Navigate to your course and the assignment that you would like to print off:

2. Click on the assignment itself and then select View all submissions:

3. Once you are viewing all of the submissions, scroll to the bottom of that page and make sure that Download submissions in folders is NOT checked:
By default it will be checked, you will need to manually un-check it each time

4. You will briefly see the page refresh after unchecking this section. Next, scroll back to the top of the page and choose the Grading action of download all submissions:

4a. Alternatively, if you just want specific submissions rather than all of the submissions, you can mark the checkboxes corresponding with student names/submissions. Once all of the desired submissions are marked, you can scroll back towards the area described in Step #3 and you can choose With selected... options:

5. Once you download all of the files, you will be prompted to open a Zipped file, please do so:

6. You will then see the folder including all of the downloaded submissions. Next, you will want to extract these files:

7. Once you select Extract all, you will want to choose a file path for the extracted contents:

8. Next, you will be shown a new list of the documents within the file explorer.

9. In this folder, you can highlight documents of the same file type. You can use Ctrl + Click to select multiple items. Once you have all of your desired items, select Print:

It is important to know that there is a limit of 15 different items and they must be all of the same file types.
To ensure that items are the same file type, we suggest using the search bar within the file explorer and searching the file type (i.e. ".pdf"):

If you have more than 15 files or there are different file types, please repeat Steps #1-9 until all desired items are printed.


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