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How to Change Gradebook Aggregation Method

In Trine University's instance of Moodle, we have five different gradebook aggregation methods to choose from:

1. Mean of grades
2. Weighted mean of grades
3. Simple weighted mean of grades
4. Mean of grades (with extra credits)
5. Natural

 If you would like to change aggregation methods, proceed with the following steps:

1. Navigate to your course
2. Open the Grades tab:

3. From within the drop-down menu, select Gradebook setup:

4. Once in gradebook setup, find the edit menu directly inline with the folder containing the course title:

5. Within that menu, select Edit settings:

6. Underneath Grade category, choose your desired aggregation type:

7. Lastly, Save changes:

You will then see the changes reflected in the overall course at the very bottom of the gradebook setup page:

If you choose natural aggregation, you will need to hover over the summation symbol to see the word Natural appear underneath the Course total at the bottom of the gradebook setup page

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