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Activity Completion

Activity completion is a setting within Moodle that allows you to monitor student activity. Activity completion can also be used to allow students to track their own progress or when paired with Restrict Access, activity completion can be used to control student flow throughout a course.

Most activities and resources in Moodle have an Activity completion section within their respective settings:

The first option underneath the expandable Activity completion menu will be Completion tracking. This is where you can choose whether or not an item is manually marked as complete by the student or if students have to meet certain criterion/stipulations to have an activity marked as finished:

If you choose the completion options that require additional stipulations to be met, you will be prompted to fill out additional prompts. Each type of activity or resource has their own type of completion stipulations available to them. Some activities/resources have many robust options for setting completion requirements; whereas, others are limited or unavailable. Below is an example of different types of completion stipulations available for the Quiz activity:

If you choose to add activity completion settings to an activity or resource be sure to Save changes:

To learn more about using Activity Completion to track progress, check out the video below:

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