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Basic Quiz Settings

1. Turn Editing On:

2. Select Add an activity or resource in the area where you would like the quiz to appear:

3. Select Quiz:

Proceed with configuring the quiz settings. The essential settings of a quiz are name, description, and timing.

1. The Name is what will display on the Moodle course for the student view:

2. The Description generally contains quiz instructions or special considerations. You choose whether you would like this description to appear on the course page itself or just within the quiz:

3. The Timing determines when the quiz opens and closes as well as how long it is open and what happens when time runs out:

By default, times are not included. If you do not change the settings, your newly created quiz will be open with 1 attempt, no time limit, and no close date. In many cases, it is more desirable to specify a time (unless you are working with a self-paced course).

We do strongly recommend leaving the default for When time expires to Open attempts are submitted automatically.

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