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How to Add a Description to a Quiz Question (Vignettes or Story problems)

1. Navigate to your course

2. Navigate to the Quiz that you would like to add a Description for a quiz question to

3. Once in the quiz, open the gear icon in the top right-hand corner and select Edit Quiz:


4. Within the edit quiz menu, look towards the top right-hand side and open the Add drop-down menu. Then, select + a new question:


5. In the add question menu, scroll to the very bottom and select Description followed by Add:


6. Next, provide the question with a name:


7. In the Question text box, you will write your description (i.e. description, Vignette, Word Bank, etc.):


8. Once you are done creating your description, scroll to the bottom and choose to Save changes:


9. You will then see the description added to your quiz:


10. In order for this to be effective, you will want to make sure that the description and the subsequent question are on the same page. This can be done by having all of your questions on one page (not recommended). Or, you can pair the questions together on pages by using the perpendicular arrows to the left of the questions:

Separate pages:


Once moved and paired together:


12. To make sure that the questions stay in the order that you have designated, you will want to make sure that Shuffle is turned off.

13. Within the Edit Quiz menu, make sure that Shuffle (top right-hand corner) is unchecked:

14. Within the Quiz Settings menu, make sure that Shuffle within questions inside of the Question behavior menu is set to No:

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