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Importing Quiz Questions (via Blackboard Format)

1. Navigate to your course

2. Look for the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of your course homepage, open it, scroll down and select More:

3. Once the More menu opens, scroll to the bottom where it says Question bank and select Import:

4. You will then want to select the File format, which will be Blackboard in this case:

5. You will then want to Choose a file:

6. Select Browse… and navigate to the Blackboard zipped file:

7. Select Import

8. After the questions have parsed, scroll to the bottom and click Continue:

9. You will then see the questions you uploaded into your question bank. The category name will be identical to the file name that you uploaded:

Setting up the questions within the quiz:

1. You will want to make sure that you Turn Editing On within your course

2. Then, you will want to select Add an Activity or Resource:

 3. Underneath activities, you will select Quiz:

4. Followed by Add:

5. Provide the assessment with a Name:

6. Enter in the Time frame that you would like the quiz to both Open and Close. You enable this by selecting the Enable button and then editing the times:

7. Once you are finished configuring the settings, do not forget to scroll to the bottom and select Save and Display:

8. You are now ready to Edit the quiz:

9. If you would like the quiz questions shuffled for students, be sure to select Shuffle. Continue to add quiz questions by selecting Add:

10. You will want to select from question bank:


11. You will then look for the drop-down menu of Select a category.

12. You will want to choose the file of questions that you just uploaded:


13. Once you have that category pulled up, look for the checkbox next to Question. This will be above all of the itemized quiz questions that you uploaded. This checkbox will select all of the questions within that category:

14. Select Add Selected Questions to the Quiz:

15. You should be all set!

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