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Importing Quiz Questions (via Aiken Format)

1. To get started, navigate to the course that you would like to import the questions to

2. Next, on the course homepage, select the gear icon in the top right-hand corner:


3. Select the More option within that menu:


4. Next, you will scroll to the bottom Question bank area and select Categories:

5. We are creating the category so that we have an organizing way of storing the questions for future reference.


 6. Next, scroll to the bottom and expand the Add category area (if it isn’t already). Once expanded, select the Parent category, create a Name for the category, and feel free to add some Category info for your own reference:


7. When you are finished entering that content, select Add category:


8. Once your category is created, you will be redirected to another screen where you will select Import:


9. On the import page, you will select the File format (Aiken):



10. After the format is selected, expand the General menu. You will want to select the correct Import category:


11. Then you are ready to Import questions from file and choose a file…:


12. Navigate to and choose your aiken formatted document (much be a text .txt file):


13. Once you select your document, choose Open and then Upload this file:


14. Next, scroll to the bottom and select Import:


15. If everything goes smoothly, you should see the files report a successful import

16. In some cases, you may receive an error message that details “To import any good questions try again setting ‘Stop on error’ to ‘No’:


17. If this error occurs, go back to the General drop-down menu and change Stop on error from Yes to No:


18. After that, repeat the steps of selecting your file and selecting Import. You should receive a successful notification with a green banner:


 19. Select Continue to exit out:


20. To add these questions to a quiz, create a Quiz activity:


21. Once you create the quiz and open it, select Edit Quiz from one of the two locations depicted below:


22. Next, open the Add drop-down menu and select either from question bank or a random question:


23. You will then choose the category that you would like to pull questions from, choose the questions you would like to add to the quiz by selecting the corresponding checkbox, and once you are finished scroll to the bottom and select Add selected questions to the quiz:





 24. There are additional steps if you wish to add a random question rather than from the question bank, but both allow you to select a category and a number of questions.

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