How to Import TurnItIn Rubrics

1. Find the rubric file (.rbc) that you would like to use:


2. When you click the file, it may begin automatically downloading. If you are prompted to download, continue doing so:


3. Here are different areas where the download may appear:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Folder Explorer


4. Next, navigate to the TurnItIn Assignment that you would like to append the rubric to and open the assignment:


5. Then, launch the Rubric Manager:


6. Once you are in the rubric manager, select the icon in the top right-hand corner followed by Import…:


7. Choose Select files:


8. Choose the rubric file that you downloaded earlier:


9. After you choose the file, select Open:


10. You’ll then see that the rubric was successfully uploaded:


 11. After the import, press the back arrow in the top left-hand corner of the import screen:


12. Lastly, navigate back to the TurnItIn Assignment, select the gear icon towards the top-right and then choose Edit Settings:


13. Expand the menu labeled GradeMark Options:


14. Expand the drop-down menu in this section and choose the appropriate rubric:


15. After that, scroll to the bottom and choose a Save option:


16. You only have to do this once per rubric. After you import it, that rubric will be available for you to attach to future TurnItIn Assignments that reside in the same or different courses.

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