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Creating Trial or Test Run Activities (Quiz)

During midterms and/or finals, we often see many students that are preparing to submit either online exams or recorded presentations. Online exams utilizing the LockDown Browser feature may benefit from a test run to see if the computer hardware is compatible and to assist the students with getting acclimated to the proctoring tool.

If the student is submitting a presentation, they may benefit from a similar test run. This can be done in a couple of different ways. To learn more, please follow the steps below:


1. Create your practice exam (we recommend providing the practice quiz with a descriptive title as shown below):


2. Open the practice quiz and select Edit quiz:


3. Add a sample question (probably best to use a fake one or one irrelevant to the assessment content):


4. In this example, I just added a random question rather than making a new one:


5. Create your real exam:


6. Turn Editing On from your course homepage:


7. Navigate to the bottom left-hand corner of the left-hand navigation drawer, select Add a Block:


8. From that list, select Respondus LockDown Browser:


9. Navigate to the LockDown Browser block and select Dashboard:


10. Enable LockDown Browser for both the practice and real exams:


11. Select Save + Close when finished

12. You will then see that LockDown Browser is enabled:

13. For more information about using LockDown Browser, refer to the Faculty & Staff Training Resources.


14. Your students will then have the opportunity to test their equipment for LockDown Browser before taking an exam


15. If you would like to take it a step further, use Restrict Access + Activity Completion to require the practice quiz to be completed first.


16. Go to your Activity Completion for your practice assessment and configure these settings:


17. Once those changes are saved, navigate to your real exam and set the restrict access settings based on activity completion:


18. Your practice and real exams will then appear like so:



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