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Extending Time in Cengage’s MindTap

1. Navigate to your course.

2. Click on any MindTap link within your course to enter MindTap:


3. Next, select the Progress button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen:


4. Next, look at the top left-hand side of your screen and select the Gradebook tab:


5. Once you are looking at the gradebook, find the student and assignment that you would like to override. Then click the current grade or hyphen to open the options menu for that assignment:



6. Once you select the hyphen/grade, you will be greeted with another menu. You will want to look for the Extend options:


 7. Select one of the Extend options:


8. Choose your desired change and Save:


Extending/Altering Due Dates in Cengage’s MindTap


1. From the Cengage home screen, you will want to look for the list of activities in your course.

2. You can view this area by selecting the My Content icon in the top right-hand corner:


3. Towards the top right-hand corner of the My Content area, you will see an Edit button, toggle this button to Green or on:



4. Once your editing is on, scroll down and find the assignment of interest, select Edit:


5. You will then have many editing options available to you. For this example, look for the Dates section:


6. Make your desired changes and select Save:



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