TurnItIn - Start, Due & Post Dates

1. Start Date

The Start Date is the date that the assignment will open for submission. Your student(s) will be able to read the assignment description(s) and details, but TurnItIn will not allow any submissions earlier than the date identified in this row.

2. Due Date

The Due Date is the date where the assignment is due and when submissions will technically close. You can choose whether or not you would like to accept submissions after the due date, but that is dependent upon the assignment settings you have configured, your syllabus, and general discretion.

3. Post Date

The Post Date is the date on which the feedback and grade for the assignment will post and become available to students. Most of the time, we encourage instructors to make the post date and the start date the exact same. This way whenever an instructor grades an assignment, the grade will post immediately afterward with no delay. In some cases, instructors prefer to make the post date match the due date so that no one can see any feedback prior to receiving all of the student submissions. This date option comes down to personal preference.

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