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Change a Quiz Maximum Grade

1. Select the Quiz activity within your course:

2. Navigate to the corresponding gear icon and select Edit quiz:

3. Once you are in the Edit quiz section, enter the desired maximum grade in the top right-hand corner of the page:

4. Make sure to select Save once you have made a change. You will then see this reflected in your gradebook:

5. If students have already attempted the quiz and you would like to alter the maximum grade available, repeat Step #1

6. Once you repeat Step #1, select Attempts:

7. Next (unless you would like to test it out first), select Regrade all:

8. If you want to test it out before making the change, I would suggest choosing Dry run a full regrade

9. After the regrade you can view the attempts and see the amendments that have been made. If you are satisfied with the changes, select Regrade all.

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