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The Question Bank

1. To access the question bank, navigate to the gear icon on your course homepage and select More:

2. Scroll to the bottom of the More page and select Question bank:

3. You'll then see your question bank. It may contain questions that were already there as well as categories of questions to choose from (if it is a brand new course, this area should be empty):

4. When you click Question bank, you'll land on the Questions tab where you will have the option to create a question:

5. Although you land on the area where you can create a question, we recommend creating a category before creating your questions:

6. Once you select the Categories tab, you can scroll to the bottom and enter the descriptors for the Question Category that you would like to make:

We recommend naming your categories with a standard convention, such as "Course Name & Quiz #" or something memorable that will assist with remaining organized from course-to-course.

7. Once you create a category, it will become visible in the Categories tab of the Question Bank. Now that you have a category created, you will have the option to choose the category where the question should be placed as you are making the question:

8. Once you create the question and select the category that you would like it to be placed in, these changes will become viewable:

9. Other features available within the question bank include many import and export options:

IT's Best Practices for Managing a Question Bank:

1. Create a Question Category with a standardized or memorable naming convention.

2. Create your questions within the Question Bank (this is important because there are question banks on the quiz, course, and system-level within Moodle).

3. As you are creating questions, place them in the respective categories.

4. If you are importing questions, make sure you create a category in advance so that you have a place to import them to (unless you are using the Blackboard import method. In this case, it will create a category for you as it imports).

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