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How to Create a Quiz Question | Multiple Choice

Follow these steps to navigate to the question creation area within your question bank.

Below are the specific steps for configuring a Multiple Choice question:

1. Create a Question name:

2. Type the question in the Question text section:

3. Choose how many points you would like the question to be worth:

4. Select whether you would like this to be a single correct answer (One answer only) among the multiple choices or if you would prefer for it to be a select all that apply scenario (multiple answers allowed):

5. By default, your options will be shuffled for test-takers. If you would like to turn this off, uncheck the box next to Shuffle the choices?:

6. Choose how you would like the questions to be labeled through the Number the choices? selection:

7. Lastly, configure the Choice the student should have, the Grade awarded if that choice is selected, and if there should be any specific Feedback if the student chooses this option:

7a. ChoiceThis is the textbox where you will enter the option

7b. GradeThis is where you will determine the grade awarded if this option is chosen.

     For example, if you are doing a question that only has one correct answer, the correct answer Grade = 100%. Whereas, if you are doing a Select All that Apply scenario, let's say there are three correct answers, each one would be worth 33.33%. You can do combinations in many ways, as long as the correct answers add up to 100%.

7c. FeedbackThis is the textbox where you will enter specific feedback for that question. For example, if they get it right, it may say "Good job," whereas if they get it wrong, the feedback might be "Here is a hint or mnemonic for the correct answer."

8. Once you are finished creating the question, do not forget to Save Changes:

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