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How to Create a Quiz Question | Short Answer

Follow these steps to navigate to the question creation area within your question bank.

Below are the specific steps for configuring a Short Answer question:

1. Create a Question name:

2. Type the question in the Question text section:

3. Choose how many points you would like the question to be worth:

4. Next, you will need to determine if case sensitivity is important when students are typing in their answers:

5. You can input multiple answers to be correct and worth a certain percentage. 

    5a. For example, if the question was 'What is the name of this institution?'

    - 'Trine University' would be worth 100%; whereas, 'Trine College' would only be worth 50%:

6. Although you can choose whether or not case sensitivity is important, it is a bit more difficult to account for misspellings. For misspellings, you can enter these as different answer options that are awarded X amount of credit or you can use * as a wildcard.

6a. An example of this is if you would like to accept anything as a correct answer that includes Trine (from example step 5a. above). 

If you type the answer as *Trine* and the corresponding grade to be 100%, it will mark either Trine University or Trine College as a correct 100% answer. The downside to this is that the * can be anything. Therefore, it could also mark "Billy Trine Goat" as a correct answer because it contains "Trine."

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