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LockDown Browser - Live Proctoring

Please follow the steps below to enable LockDown Browser + Monitor for a Quiz in Moodle:

1. Navigate to your course

2. Add a quiz to your course:

3. Turn Editing On:

4. Add a Block:

5. Select Respondus LockDown Browser:

6. Once you add the block, it will appear in the top right-hand corner of the course page:

7. Select Dashboard within that block.

8. Next, you will see a list of the quizzes that can be equipped with LockDown Browser. Select the arrow to the left of the quiz to configure additional settings:

9. Select settings. Once you are in the settings menu, select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam:

10. Once you require LockDown Browser, a set of proctoring options will appear. Select Allow instructor live proctoring for this exam:

11. After this is enabled, select Zoom as the video conferencing system. 

12. You will also need to enter a Start code. This is essentially a password that you will provide the student with after they connect to Zoom for live proctoring. The password will make sure that they cannot begin their exam early:

12a. At this point, you will also have the option to include additional instructions for your students.

13. After completing all of the settings, you will be provided with additional instructions for how to facilitate this proctoring session:

14. It is important to know that you must create your Zoom or video conferencing meeting like normal beforehand. The meeting information will need to be distributed to the students before the exam. This way they can access the Zoom room (for attendance and to receive the start code) before beginning their exam. A summary of this process is provided in the How to Conduct Live Proctoring area while configuring the settings. A summary is also provided in the image below:

15. Lastly, you will see that the LockDown Browser is enabled and the proctoring option is selected as Zoom (Instructor) rather than Respondus Monitor. Please note - Respondus Monitor and Live Zoom Proctoring can not be used simultaneously:

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